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So You Live In New York State?
You Can Still Help in Critical Elections Nationwide.

There are so many opportunities available to ICNY Members to volunteer and make a real difference in the upcoming elections.  In addition to volunteering to make telephone calls, texting, and writing postcards to voters in support of Joe Biden in the Presidential race, there are many opportunities to assist in flipping the US Senate from red to blue.

Currently the Republicans hold a 53 to 47 majority in the Senate.  In order to establish a Democratic majority, the Democrats must secure a net increase of 4 seats.  If the Democrats fail to secure a net increase of 4 seats, but increase their number in the Senate by a net 3 seats, resulting in a 50-50 tie in the Senate, the Vice President would vote to break the tie on legislation and other matters.   Assuming Joe Biden is elected President, and Kamala Harris becomes the Vice President, a net increase of 3 seats would enable the Democrats to control the Senate.   Clearly, Democrats must must aim for a net increase of at least 4 seats.

The election map is favorable to Democrats this year.  Although, the Democrats have one seat that appears to be in jeopardy (Doug Jones in Alabama), there are many Senate seats currently held by Republicans that appear now to “lean Democratic” or are toss ups.

Arizona.   Recent polling indicates that Democrat Mark Kelly leads the incumbent Republican opponent (Martha McSally) by between 5 and 7 points among likely voters.  Out of state volunteer opportunities can be found at MarkKelly.com. The Kelly campaign has a well organized, active out of state volunteer program.

Colorado.   Democrat John Hickenlooper is leading incumbent Republican Cory Gardner by between 5 and 10 percentage points in recent polling.  Volunteer opportunities can be found on the campaign website, JohnHickenlooper.com

Georgia. Democrat Jon Ossoff is  running neck and neck with his incumbent opponent Perdue.  Recent polling indicates that Ossoff may be up by 1% or down by 6%   Clearly volunteer help can make a huge difference in this race.   To volunteer contact electjon.com.

Iowa.   Progressive Democrat Theresa Greenfield is running to unseat incumbent Joni Ernst.  You may have seen that Joni Ernst has repeated QAnon claims that the number of reported Covid deaths is inflated.   Most recent polling indicates that, after Mitch McConnell has pumped millions of dollars into the race, Theresa Greenfield may be trailing by as much as 5 points.  Previously she was ahead in the polls by 3 percent.  Volunteer opportunities can be found at GreenfieldforIowa.com.   You can make a real difference in the toss up election.

Kentucky.  Amy McGrath is running to unseat Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell.   The challenge is formidable.  McConnell is deploying millions to protect his seat, and Trump did carry Kentucky by 30 percentage points in 2016.  However, Amy McGrath is trailing McConnell in recent polling by only 3 to 5 percentage points.  You can volunteer to help this campaign at AmyMcGrath.com.

Maine. Democrat Sara Gideon is seeking to unseat the long term Republican Senator, Susan Collins. Recent polling indicates that Sara Gideon is leading Collins by between 8 and 12 percentage points.  Volunteer opportunities are available at SaraGideon.com

Montana.  Democratic Governor Steve Bullock is running to unseat the current Republican Steve Daines. Early in the race, Bullock led Daines by a considerable margin.   In the mid- summer months, the positions flipped and Daines led in the polling.  Current polling indicates that SteveBullock is trailing by only 3 percentage points.   This is another race where volunteer efforts could help to secure this seat.  Volunteer opportunities can be found at stevebullock.com.

North Carolina.  Democrat Cal Cunningham is running to unseat Republican incumbent Thom Tillis.  In the last election, Tillis won that seat by only 2 percentage points.  Current polling indicates that Cal Cunningham is leading Tillis by between 1 and 7 percentage points.  The North Carolina seat can be won with your help.  Contact CalforNC.com. To learn how you can help

South Carolina.  Democrat Jaime Harrison is running against Lindsey Graham.  Earlier polling indicated that Graham was leading by between 1 and 3 percentage points. The most recent poll by the respected Quinnipiac polling show the race as “even”.  Contact JaimeHarrison.com to assist in this important race.

The polling numbers indicate that three races are leaning Democratic. While 6 are true toss ups.  It is imperative that at least 1, but actually 2 other seats are won to secure a Democratic majority in the Senate.   Your help would make a real difference in this effort.

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