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Many people and organizations around the country have already created daily action prompts, scripts, etc. Because the Indivisible Guide tells us that contacting representatives and senators other than our own isn’t helpful, that eliminates many of the guides.

Below are a few guides that are helpful within the Indivisible framework:

  • First, if you haven’t read the Indivisible Guide yet, start there. Read the guide at their site, but get up-to-date news and actions from them via their email newsletter and their social media, especially Twitter, which you can link to through their site:
  • Wall-of-Us suggests four actions a week:
  • 5 Calls has several relevant prompts and scripts every day and keeps track of calls people have made:

There are plenty of other great groups and sites out there. These are just a few that help answer the “what action can I take today” question. (Thank you to Deirdre Malfatto for putting this list together for us on our Facebook page!)

Also, see CONTACT YOUR REPS page for contact information to all of your elected representatives.

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NYS Absentee Voting Information

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